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Аспирация CORMAK FM 300
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Аспирация CORMAK FM 300

23 170 грн.

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Аспирация CORMAK FM 300Аспирация CORMAK FM 300
23 170 грн.
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The FM300 model collector is a simple machine for shavings and sawdust collector. The possibility of quick bag replacement and mobility thanks to use of a wheeled base make our collector very practical. Moreover the absorber metal rotor secures silent operation. In spite of securing failure-free operation and high efficiency, the machine price is profitable for a Customer.

  • Metal balanced rotor warrants vibration-free and silent operation.
  • Canvas extraction bag quick mounting.

  • Absorber mobility thanks to 4-wheel base.

  • Stable metal construction.

Standard equipment:

  • Extraction ferrule in Y shape, 2 x 100

  • Metal wheeled base.

  • 1 foil bag

  • dust filter self-cleaning 2 micron

Optional equipment:

  • Extraction hose 100.

  • Zinc coated clamping ring.

Technical data:

Suction off efficiency (m3/h)2800
Engine revolutions (rpm)2850
Bag capacity (litres)153
Number of bags1
Suction ferrule diameter (mm)1 x 130, 2 x 100
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)940 x 510 x 1960
Weight (kg)64
Motor power (kW)1,5
Power supply3 phase, 400V
EC Declarationyes
  • Цена: 23 170 грн.