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Форматно-раскроечный станок T-PE 431

Форматно-раскроечный станок T-PE 431

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Форматно-раскроечный станок T-PE 431Форматно-раскроечный станок T-PE 431
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T-PE 431 is a PLC controller controlled machine for panels cutting. The machine is offered at a competitive price in comparison with CNC machines. During its design into account were taken high level computer controllers as well as standards and regulations regarding safety.

In the control unit memory are 99 elements of cutting programs in 20 lines. This feature of the machine enables a lot production as regards cutting to standard sizes. The machine is used for hand cutting. The cutting size can be hand adapted to every cut element. The machine can cut simultaneously three 18 mm panels, i.e. together 54 mm. It is equipped with 4 pieces of transport tables with a blower thanks to which it is easier to feed panels to the machine and move them on the table. If the automatic mode is switched on, it is not necessary to push panels forward. A panel is held and moved in the direction of the cutting table and next pushed out after cutting by 10 pneumatic holders installed at side. The first 4 holders are close one another for the needs of cutting narrow panels and the only operation to do is to lean a panel against the side guard. T-PE 431 has two saws: cutting and grooving saws. The saws are dismantled and replaced in an easy and quick way. It is a higher technological level thanks to which the cutting process becomes efficient and safe.

Technical data:


400 V/50 Hz

Rated current

25.1 A

Total electric energy

12.1 kW

Air pressure

6 Bar

Cutting width

4200 mm

Feeding table length

3660 mm

Cutting depth

54 mm

Forward speed

12 - 34 m/min

Backward speed

34 m/min

Saw motor power

5.5 kW

Saw cutting cycle

4500 Rpm

Saw plotter cycle

5000 rpm

Cutting saw size

300 x 30 x 4,4 z=72

Indenting saw size

150 x 30 tailstock z=36

Space required for machine operation and its size

?150 mm (x3)

Electric supply

(6.5 x 7) 45.5 m2

Machine width

6500 mm

Machine length

7000 mm

Machine height

1600 mm

Machine weight

3400 Kg

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