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Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40
  • Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40, фото 2
  • Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40, фото 3
  • Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40, фото 4
  • Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40, фото 5
  • Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40, фото 6

Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40

279 050 грн.

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Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40Полуавтоматическая ленточная пила CORMAK H-28/40
279 050 грн.
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The column band-saw are characterized by the construction higher rigidity during cutting and quite different arm and band guiding technology in comparison with pin and shear machines what considerably shortens cutting time i.e. the machine working time and enables suitable selection of operation parameters and reduces unit cutting costs. Whereas the guiding of the COLUMN band-saw cutting arm is more rigid and stable.

Product characteristics

The column saw machines are recommended in particular for cutting of hard solid and hard to cut materials, thick-walled profiles where high cutting accuracy is required. This model is a very high productive machine of robust construction. It enables cutting of a broad range of materials including stainless and tool steel, solid materials and profiles. In the column saw machines the arm with the cutting band moves up and down by means of an actuator the chromium platted piston of which is the guiding column. The cutting band in relation to the saw machine table is inclined at the angle of 3°. In the semi-automatic saw machines after the switch is started, the whole cutting cycle i.e. the clamping of the cut material in the hydraulic vice, switching on the band motion, lowering of the cutting arm (controlled speed), stopping the machine after made cut, lifting the arm up (the arm lifting height is controlled) and switching off the hydraulic vice are automatic. The saw machine massive arm is made of homogeneous iron casting together with use in this machine a 27 mm wide cutting band enable fully carrying out profiles as well as solid materials cuts.

Technical data

Type: column semi-automatic.
Control: control panel at machine front.
Maximal cutting diameters: Ø 280, 400 x 280 mm.
Arm lifting: hydraulic.
Arm lowering: hydraulic.
Band speed: from 25/60/75 m/min.
Vice: hydraulic.
Operation in semi-automatic cycle.
Control panel on separate pedestal.
Built-in hydraulic unit.
Arm movement (up – down) hydraulic control with possibility of lowering speed smooth control.
Arm position memory function.
Vive jaws hydraulic control.
Hydraulic pressure for stack cutting.
Laser cutting line.
Hydraulic band tension.
Band cleaning brush.
Cooling system.
Bimetallic band saw.
EC Declaration of Conformity CE.
Technical-Operational Documentation.
Min. cutting diameter: 5 mm.
Min. material length in vice: 30 mm.
Vice base distance from ground: 780 mm.
Cutting band size: 3850 × 27 × 0.9 mm.
Total power: 3 kW.
Band speed: 25/60/75 m/min.
Weight: 1050 kg.
Dimensions: (L×W×H) 1950 × 1250 × 1400 mm.
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Тип управленияПолуавтоматическое
  • Цена: 279 050 грн.