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Электроразрядный станок CORMAK DM 32

Электроразрядный станок CORMAK DM 32

515 620 грн.

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Электроразрядный станок CORMAK DM 32Электроразрядный станок CORMAK DM 32
515 620 грн.
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Machine characteristics

The electro-erosion machines serve for cutting out of details of programmed shapes in any material (copper, aluminium, steel, sinters) conducting electric current by means of a light-gauge wire. The machines are used, among other things, for making blanking tools, mould elements, tools. A computer enables an operator entering shapes programming data. It serves DXF files entered by means of the AUTOCAD program. The machine cuts out holes in plates of up to 400 mm thick. Thanks to the reducing/enlarging function of the created shape it solves the working gap correction problem.

Technical data

Max. X, Y travels440x350 mm
Table dimensions600x360 mm
Max. cutting heightstraight: 400/at angle: 315 mm
Wire diameterΦ0.12~0.22 mm
Cutting at angle±5°
Maximal cutting output150 mm2/min
Working roughness1.25~2.5 Ra/μm
Working power1,5 kW
Max. wire length in magazine320 m
Wire speed11 m/s
Max. table load capacity250 kg
Total weight1230 kg
Dimensions1630x1160x1510 mm
  • Цена: 515 620 грн.